If you are planning to hold a party during the winter months serving a hog roast can be a great option. Now I can hear you thinking how can a spit roast be a good way to feed my party guests. A whole hog must be expensive, it takes ages to cook and is difficult to prepare.

you planning hold party

Well read on and you will see that the opposite is true, and be able to understand why a spit roast is actually a very good way to feed your party guests.

It is super easy

Cooking a hog or other spit-roasted meats is easy. The most difficult part is loading the meat into the machine.

Once loaded, all you need to do is to switch the roaster on at the right time and occasionally check that the spit is turning. The machine does the rest.

It super easy

When the meat is cooked, you slice it up and serve it. If you are not much good at carving you can pull the meat instead.

It goes a long way

A single roasted hog will feed 80 to 100 people if served sliced. Pulled it can be served in rolls, so will go further and feed up to 140 guests.

goes long way

Not expensive

The fact that a whole hog can feed so many people means that it is a very economical way to provide food for a large party of guests.

Where to hire a hog roaster

You can serve your guests a Hog Roast Stockport, or any other part of the UK, because you can lease a hog-roasting machine from a local company. Often they will sell you the meat too, and load the machine for you if you want them to. If you prefer, many companies will do the cooking for you and supply a range of finger foods and side dishes as well

hire a hog roaster