It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love wine  – there is one type for every taste, from sweet to very dry, red, white, rose, sparkling and so on. The question is: does wine suit any occasion? When is it safe to offer it as gift? See the best occasions below.

  1. Romantic event

Whether it’s a date, an anniversary, engagement or your beloved birthday’s, it’s always a delight to offer them a bottle of their favorite wine, preferably with a personalized message.

  1. Birthday

It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is – anyone sees wine as a gift fit for this occasion. In fact, it can save you when you don’t really know hat to buy for the one to be celebrated. You cannot go wrong with it.

  1. Thank you gift

Want to say thanks to someone who helped you or simply to someone special? This divine beverage is the ideal gift that will let you know you care about them.

  1. Consolation gift

There are difficult moments in life such as breakups, illness or the loss of someone dear. Many people feel that offering a thoughtful gift is a good way to show that they’re close and they care. Offer wine gifts to comfort someone who isn’t feeling at their best.

  1. Any celebration

If we are to talk about positive events that call for a celebration, you really need to think about wine (there’s never enough of it, anyway). It’s all festive, especially if you’re going for the sparkly variety.

  1. Appreciation

When you need to show your appreciation and respect to someone who is in a higher position that you – a boss, teacher, an older person you respect – a very special, old, rare bottle of wine will speak volumes. You can also opt for a wine selection as a refined gift that will show how much you respect them.

This list if far from being exhaustive. In fact, there is hardly any occasion that wouldn’t be validated. Wine is good for the body and for the soul, it draws people closer and puts a smile on their face.