Have you ever have been in charge of catering with an event, you will know a lot of the struggles you face when scheduling for a cater. I found that out when my parents asked me to help organize my brothers return home party. He had been deployed for over thirteen months and my parents wanted to throw him a party. I agreed not know what I was getting myself into. I had never worked with a cater before and was unsure as what I needed to do. After a few articles online, I was able to get an idea of what was needed.

First thing that had to be done was finding out how many people were coming. Luckily it wasn’t that many people. Next came what kind of food I would get. Since my brother had not been home in a while, I elected to stick with something familiar, BBQ. Which made that choice extremely easy. But, the question that was left was what BBQ catering service would I choose.

After looking through multiple companies that offered BBQ catering, I settled for a for the Goode company. They were able to cook and shipped to use or have a full catering service. Since we lived so close and people kept getting added to the party, I elected to get catering. Because no one want to clean up after a few plates of BBQ and with how much drinking that was to ensue, it was the best option. In fact, when I made that joke when scheduling everything, they even informed me that we could add a bar to the catering service if we would like. That I may or may not have opt in for.

The selection that they offered was varied from their menu

. Offering individual rates for all of their packages. Though due to not having a large enough party, we would have plenty to and for then and later. To my surprise, they had more south of the border options, things like Fajitas. They even had sea food if we so desired.

When the day came, the full catering service had arrived and began getting ready for when my brother arrived, among the other guest. After welcoming him home, we ate. And I swore I saw my brother cry when digging into his first plate of smoked brisket. The evening went on and quite of few people mentioned how much they loved the food and who catered. We had so much food that after giving it to our guests, my brother got to eat BBQ for the next few weeks.

So, if you plan any type of event in Houston that needs catering, I would recommend them. The service was as great as the food served and couldn’t had a better meal to provide my brother with welcoming him home. Goode’s food can even be enjoyed on a smaller level then catering. They offer multiple dishes that can be sent right to your home as well.