No matter how good you are at cooking, you can probably learn how to make a decent bowl of porridge. While some people just aren’t great cooks, porridge is a delicious, filling dish that is extremely simple to make and that you can add to according to your taste. In the United Kingdom, for example, porridge is generally sweetened with honey or fruit, and served as a staple breakfast all over cold, wet British homes. It’s ideal comfort food when the wind is howling outside and the rain threatens to creep beneath your door frame, and as such is widely consumed in the colder parts of the world. Although the British love their sweet porridge, in some parts of the world, it’s common to serve porridge with spices and vegetables, producing a savory dish.

Delicious Porridge

Why Is Porridge So Popular?

Part and parcel of porridge’s popularity is its elegant simplicity. It’s a simple meal of oats boiled in milk or water, and there are a multitude of grains used to make porridge around the world. In Eastern Europe, for example, barley is a popular source of grains for porridge, while Italians like to make their porridge from semolina or other similarly light wheat variations. Porridge is also extremely easy to digest, and is often used to deliver vital sustenance to the sick and the elderly. Athletes in training, abiding by strictly regulated diets, often consume porridge as a means to bulk up quickly, while in communities ravaged by famine, porridge is given out generously to ward off the ill effects of malnutrition. Porridge was one of the few foods available Irish people during the potato famine, in which millions died of starvation, and the Irish continue to eat oat porridge to this day, often serving it as a savory dish in remembrance of those who did so to avoid starvation hundreds of years ago.

Porridge So Popular

Instant Savory Porridge

If you’re constantly on the go and need a quick, nutritious meal that tastes good going down, you might want to consider instant porridge, which is unbelievably simple to prepare and easy to eat quickly. Instant porridge packs for beginner cooks are a great way to start making porridge for yourself and for others, as they come with not only the raw ingredients for the porridge, but a variety of flavorings as well, so you can sample different flavors of dinner porridge when looking for your new favorite meal.

Instant Savory Porridge

Popular savory instant porridge flavors include chicken, abalone, and fish, although duck is also quite well liked. Once you’re feeling more comfortable in the kitchen, you can start adding extra vegetables and spices to your instant porridge, giving it a personal touch and a character suited to your own palate. For example, chicken and mushroom instant porridge might stand to be improved by your favorite condiments or the addition of some spices. How you eat your meal is up to you, and sitting down to a steaming bowl of delicious porridge is as simple as pouring boiling water into the cup of instant porridge and stirring it for two minutes.

Instant Savory Porridge