Ahhh! Winter chill means a pot of stew. Carry the meat, taters, celery, celery, and onion and we’ll come with an old favorite… again!
What about trying something totally new this season? Maybe you have had Kitchen Stew? No? Well, men and gals, you’re in luck.
Require a recipe? Oh, I didn’t remember to let you know, there’s no recipe. You simply open some cans of food out of your kitchen and dump them within the slow cooker until it’s as full as you would like it and wait for new taste of scrumptious!
Seriously, it’s that simple. However, I’ll grant a couple of ideas to assist the process along. In the end, you want to be considered a little selective by what we place in our Kitchen Stew.
The majority of us may wish to start with some type of meat or chicken and also the stock from cooking it. Veggie enthusiasts will prefer using beans for his or her protein and possibly use bouillon to boost tastes. Other flavor-boosters are garlic clove, cumin, marjoram, bay leaf, or chili powder.
To provide your stew a great base, try looking in your cabinets and refrigerator. Try shredded cabbage, grain, couscous, or barley. Don’t overlook squash this time around of the year small cubes will prove to add texture, flavor and color for your stew. What about turnips, let’s eat some onions
Let’s focus on the kitchen, what have you got there? Exist cans of vegetables that the family just does not eat too along with a side dish? Now is your chance to include some healthy meals they’ll eat. Remember some beans: garbanzo, black beans, lima along with other.
In case your family likes tomato plants, give a can or a couple of diced tomato plants. In the freezer give a box of carefully chopped green spinach or broccoli: believe me, it’ll taste good.
You realize the tastes your loved ones loves concentrate on individuals meals. Will they like spicy meals? Garlic clove and onion? Pasta-wealthy sauces? Plenty of taters (add in a bag of hash browns)? Try newer and more effective combinations while you consume bits and pieces inside your kitchen.

Prepare to pamper your tastebuds!