In a world where large, corporate-owned farms and massive livestock operations have become quite common, there is still a desire for fresh, locally-grown foods that deliver the nutrition people need. As the demand for these quality products increases, a handful of family farms have remained true to their original passion: growing foods organically, with no chemical or mechanical input.

Some of these unique operations, such as Deena Farms, have been certified as organic, which means that crops are grown without using chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides. Compost and manure are used to keep soil healthy, while traditional natural methods are used to deal with insects and other pests.

Climate and Soil

Particular attention is paid to climate changes and to soil quality, key elements in a plan for each crop season. Soils regenerate naturally. In addition, seeds used to produce crops are always free of genetic modification. These seeds are considered “heirloom” because they come from the parent crop that was open-pollinated. This helps to maintain the consistent quality of the original plant, which delivers the flavor that is often missing from mass-produced items.

But there is more to this philosophy than producing fruits and vegetables in the most natural way possible. Some of the leaders in this field also take a holistic view of farming in general. This includes maintaining an atmosphere of positive energy and allowing animals to grow and prosper without being caged.


Vehicles are non-existent on these farms, which is one more important way to protect the health and well-being of plants and animals. The list of items offered includes fruits that are unmatched for freshness. The menu might include fresh dates, boxed dates, limes and papaya. If vegetables are of interest to you and your family, you can obtain spinach and cucumbers that absolutely snap with freshness.

Herbs, Greens

When the recipe calls for herbs, why not make use of basil, mint, or curry that will exceed your flavor expectations? Get your taste of sweetness with organically-produced Sidr honey or try a tomato paste that will put every other product to shame.

For the main course, choose organically-raised chicken or the unrivalled taste of Mallard duck meat, both raised in the most open and natural way to preserve flavor and retain the healthy benefits that nature intended.

While the main focus for these amazing farms is always on the plants and animals, there is another offering that has gathered significant attention. These providers make an effort to spread the word about organic and natural farming by reaching out to others who also have a passion for fresh produce and organic methods.

They invite individuals to visit their farms to gain knowledge about the chemical-free methods of farming. Visitors also get to see the animals up close and carry home fresh produce. Farm visits are by pre-arrangement, due to the labor-intensive nature of the farm operation. You are encouraged to visit the website of these farm industry leaders to find out more.