Many of us love to have some music in the kitchen with use when we cook, but wiring up a full sound system is often not space or cost effective. Wires can get in the way of work, or be dangerous around water and speakers can take up precious workspace. Fortunately there is a great portable music solution available, the JBL Charge 2 +, which you can get a great deal on, from Harman Audio. This small portable speaker device packs powerful sound into a small wireless package, which is perfect for the kitchen.

Here are a few of it’s features that make it great for a kitchen sound system.

  • It is “Splash Proof.” They don’t recommend that you completely submerge it in water, but it is so waterproof that JBL says that you can wash it off in a stream of running water.
  • It is compact. At 79mm tall, (3.11 inches,) it is smaller than a soda can.

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  • It has Bluetooth with social mode. Any device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop can send music to the speaker, from any room within range. Up to 3 devices can be connected at once and take turns choosing the tunes it plays.
  • It is rechargeable and will recharge other devices. It comes with it’s own charging cable and has both a full-sized or mini-usb port, so you can use it to charge your phone or tablet. On a full charge, it will play for up to 12 hours straight, so it has great battery life.
  • Its got great bass sound. It’s passive radiators work so well that you can actually see the device vibrate with the base.
  • It can take phone calls with a touch of a button. It has an internal microphone, so it can keep you from having to dig for your phone and stop cooking, to take a call, so you can keep on cooking.

So lose the wires and keep your kitchen rocking, with the JBL Charge 2 +. It will make the whole experience of cooking a lot more fun.