After I was attending college, likely to restaurants would be a rare factor in comparison with what it’s today. We continued special events like birthday celebrations and loved ordering and eating like adults. One dish I recall was ‘American-Chopsey’ that we ate inside a Chinese restaurant and loved it.

After I came here’ craved with this dish but would never know steps to make it. I saw a Hakka noodles packet at Indian store and tried it out. It sampled so great that people asked our buddies over so we all loved the merchandise of my experiments! Try it out whenever you long for something spicy and tangy.

Fusion quality recipes will always be interesting. They have a tendency to create different cultures together and resulting dish turns into a masterpiece. You are taking better of both mobile phone industry’s, blend it together and make scrumptious recipe that will surely surprise your tastebuds.

Experimentation with various things doesn’t always leads to positive results but that is the way you continue trying and who knows sometimes you receive lucky. If you’re connoisseur then you’ll certainly obtain that eternal sense for taste. Usually you’ll succeed. So just get out there and test out different combinations.


Hakka Noodles (‘Ching’s’). You will get this in almost any Indian supermarket.

Eco-friendly/yellow Pepper–1 very finely sliced

Spring let’s eat some onions–Chopped carefully–1 cup

Ginger root–1/2 teaspoon

Chili Powder-1/4 tablespoons of

Corn flour–1 Tablespoon (dissolve in 1/2 cup water

Tomato Ketchup -2 Tbsps

Soy products Sauce–1/2 teaspoons

‘Knorr’ prepared to prepare Manchurian mix powder -3 Tbsps (dissolved in water). You will get this in almost any Indian supermarket.


Boil water inside a pan and add some Hakka noodles. Boil them partially until they become soft. Drain them on sieve. Warmth oil inside a pan and deep fry the noodles, it requires some time for that noodles to obtain crispy meanwhile prepare sauce.


Have a Pan and add oil into it. When hot add ginger root, chili powder. Now add some Eco-friendly all kinds of peppers that are very finely sliced and saute for a while. Add some spring let’s eat some onions and stirring. Now add soy products sauce, tomato ketchup, and Manchurian mix powder and a few water. Add some corn flour paste and blend well to prevent any protuberances. Boil this for couple of minutes and season with salt.