Vodka is easily the most versatile liquors on the shelf.  The reason for this, of course, is that the spirit is distilled from a neutral grain and that means the spirit should have a clean taste that easily lends to whatever you mix with it. It can add alcoholic volume to juice or soda and can also up the ABV to any cocktail without changing its flavor (too much).

As such, here are a few of the more common, most popular, or unfortunately underappreciated Formation Bar Montreal vodka cocktail recipes.

The Classic MARTINI

Jame Bond might have made it famous, but this cocktail is among the most straightforward you will ever drink. Consisting of, simply, vodka shaken it typically also includes a little dry vermouth and a dash of bitters for some additional aromatics. Of course, don’t forget the cocktail olive garnish!


Characteristically pink in hue, do not mistake the Cosmopolitan for something “girly.” it may be subtly sweet and sour, but made the right way it is just as strong as many of its other more traditionally “masculine” counterparts.  The Cosmopolitan derives its color from a splash of cranberry juice, but it gets its flavor from fresh lime muddled with sugar and shaken with [premium] vodka and Cointreau.


Similarly, the sugared cocktail glass rim implies that the Lemon Drop is not a masculine drink, but when the libation consists of only three ingredients—and the predominant one is vodka (the others are, literally, sugar and lemon)—that sugar is a bit of a mask that hides the drink’s true character.   This is basically grown up lemonade.


Unfortunately, the Bloody Mary has been some regulated to Saturday morning hangovers and Sunday brunch pairings, but the rich, spicy, flavorful classic needs to be appreciated for its true beauty.  Perhaps more complex in recipe than most other drinks—particularly those on this list—the Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail for someone with a daring palate.  With an ingredients list that includes tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, black pepper, Tabasco sauce, horseradish, and lemon juice, the recipe reads more like a salad or a gazpacho—and perhaps that is also true—but once you taste it, you can’t forget it.